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May 09

Can The Child Behaviour Checklist Truly Access My Child’s Behaviour

After reading the child behavior checklist for ages 1.5 – 5  I found that all of the descriptions are negative, and even though they may have these different choices that the parent or guardian may pick, I don’t think this it is a positive tool that can properly access a child’s behavior. The fact that [...]

Apr 30

Causes of Negative Behavior in Preschool Children

There are different things that can contribute to negative behavior in a preschool aged child.  In the home, a child seeing their parents or family members interacting negatively can cause them to act negatively.  Sibling rivalry can also cause negative behavior.  In the classroom, children look for attention from their educators.  Also, children don’t like [...]

Apr 12

Punishments For Children

Recommended Tips for Handling Punishment for Your Preschool Child -          Give explanation before applying punishment (except in extreme misbehaving cases) Preschool children are smart.  They know the difference between right and wrong only after being taught what’s right and what’s wrong.  Only after you know your preschool child knows the difference should punishment methods be [...]

Apr 01

Behaviour Management Strategies

Recommended Tips to Help with Your Child’s Preschool Behavior – Provide social interaction with other children Give your kids the opportunity to interact with other children their age.  This can be accomplished through a preschool setting, through children of family and friends, or through other indoor and outdoor environments such as playgrounds. – Keep them [...]

Mar 02

I am 3, “Look at me”. Discussing 3 Year Old Behavior

Children at any age are our most prized possessions. Today I would like to focus on 3 year old behavior. In order to discuss the “goings on” of a child at this age, one must explore the type of setting an individual child is in. Is the child at home with a babysitter, or in [...]